Our Mission

Labor Of Love Maternity Solutions was created to be the solutions that many expectant mothers face in their pregnancy journey and beyond. It is a fact that Postpartum Depression has become a very real reality for many new and expecting mothers nations wide. Our vision is to be a supportive hand to 100,000 mothers and to STOP postpartum depression by helping expectant moms relieve stress with the support of loving caregivers.

Our Vision/Purpose

Here at Labor Of Love Maternity Solutions we seek to be a helping hand to relieve the stress of mother's to be. As a mother of 3, I know all too well what it's like to be pregnant, exhausted, and still having to make dinner for the kids and tidy up the home. Becoming a new mother is a special time for every woman and expecting mother's shouldn't have to stress over errands, childcare, and house chores. LOL Maternity Solutions hires mother like you who are caring and understand your needs at each stage of pregnancy. Our services have significantly reduced the effects of New Mommy Blues and Postpartum Depression in our clients. Our Labor Of Love helps mother focus on what matters most... Your Baby!

Our Values

TRUST: We honor all relationships we have by serving with honesty and integrity

HOSPITALITY: We make the most of every opportunity we are given to help our clients feel valued and loved.

COMPASSION: We support new and expectant mothers in having a comfortable , stress free pregnancy journey by providing helpful home care services for mom and baby.

Meet The Founder

Hey there, I am Shakeisha M. Uzor the owner and founder of Labor Of Love Maternity Solutions. I started Labor Of Love because I saw that there was a need for peer support and tangible assistance for pregnant and postpartum women. I have had several bad experiences during my 3 pregnancy journeys and thought to myself... I cannot be the only momma who feels like their pregnancy experiences were hijacked by medical professionals and the expectations of family members. So, I decided to do some investigating and I discovered that many mothers felt they also weren’t properly supported during their pregnancies and wasn’t really satisfied with the way new and expectant mothers were being served. At that very moment I knew that it was up to me to do something about it.


The genesis of Labor Of Love started with me help my best friend (who was 6 months pregnant and high risk) with simple house chores like: sweeping, laundry, lite grocery shopping, and just being there when she needed to complain about her back pain and spreading hips lol. I accompanied here to her doctors appointment and check ups which gave her confidence to speak her truth and advocate for her desired pregnancy plan with her doctors. I was right by her side when she gave birth and I continued to assist her to recover at home. To this very day, my friend still tells me that she wouldn’t  have made it without me. As for me, it really was nothing to major to help and I knew deep down that there were thousands of other mothers who also need my help. So, I formed a state of the art Labor Of Love Team of mother helper like me.

I am proud to say that Labor Of Love Maternity Solutions has helped many families with home care services, pregnancy advocates, social services and more. We have been instrumental in helping to eradicate postpartum depression with help of our pregnancy companions and domestic home care services. My #1 goal is to see new and expectant mothers become empowered and reclaim their pregnancy and postpartum experiences and a journey that is true and authentic to them.

                                                                                                                             - Shakeisha M. Uzor

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