So, you are the devoted, helpful, and supportive friend to a postpartum mom. You are there sometimes daily helping her with her day to day chores and making sure that she is supported and cared for but... there is a problem. She has expressed to you that she is now feeling depressed. She no longer knows what to do with her feelings and she allows you a window into her soul. You on the other hand are not so sure how to respond so you say nothing. Or you go so far as to pretend that you didn't really hear what she said because you believe that saying the wrong thing could possibly be more hurtful to her than it is helpful. So you continue because you don't know exactly what to do. Let me give you some words of encouragement supportive friend. Hugs and kisses to you for being the support that your new mama friend so desperately needs. It’s not easy to make a commitment to stand by her side even when you have your own personal needs to manage as well. She definitely appreciates your support more than you can ever imagine.

Often times, this is the exact scenario that many friends to new and expectant mothers experience. Not really knowing exactly what to do or how to help in situations that are detrimental to our loved ones personal struggles. I'll give it to you, is not easy being a system of support to a new mom. In fact it's challenging dealing with someone to expresses that they're not okay. But I want to reassure you that there is help for helping a postpartum mother to better manage her emotional state. And below I'm prepared to give you three ways that you can help a postpartum mom cope with feelings of depression.

LISTEN: If you have a new mother in your life who is expressing to you that she is not okay and she's really struggling with the new challenges of motherhood; the first thing I want you to do is to listen. Listening is really important when someone is expressing to you that they are not okay and listening to a new mothers cry or listening to a mothers situation helps her to know that she is being heard, loved, and listened to. I think that many new mothers desire is to have someone to listen to their struggles, listen to what they're going through on the daily basis, listen to the challenges that they're facing, and listen to all the things that they desire. When a new mother opens up to you about what's going on in her heart, what’s going on in her mind, and what’s going on in her environment; the best thing that you can do as her support system is to listen to her. To allow her to express herself to you freely and openly. To listen to the cries, listen to the feelings, and listen to the emotions of a mother when she's expressing herself to you. Just take the time to sit down and really give her your full attention. I believe that this really goes a long way in allowing the mother to really express to you what she's feeling. If she's feeling depressed or if she's feeling any other kind of emotion, it is important that we as her support system are there to listen to her.

If this was helpful to you and you would like to know my other two tips, then check out my video on this topic.

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