Why Am I Always So Sad? Do I have Postpartum Depression?

Don't get me wrong, I love my baby but I hate the way that I feel when I am unable to cope with the demands of being a mother. It's like being on an emotional sea-saw that swings between being extremely grateful for the blessing of being a mother and quickly turns to regret for not being emotionally prepared enough to handle this parental responsibility. It's the late nights, the early mornings, and the times that I feel like"maybe I 'am just not a good enough mother"! It's the sore nipples after every breastfeeding, the 1oz of milk that I managed to produce after pumping for 2 hours, and the engorged boobs that always leak when I am on a live zoom conference call for work.

Sometimes, I feel like this whole motherhood thing is highly overrated and I feel like I am the only mother in the world who feels this way. Am I wrong for wanting to have a little time for myself where I could just be a woman? Lately, I've been journaling and I've discovered that for the past 9 day, I've been on the wrong side of my emotional sea-saws and I am kind of concerned. Why Am I Always so Sad? Do I have Postpartum Depression?

Many new mothers can attest to feeling like the mother in the story above. Having to manage your ever changing emotions while maintaining your stay-at-home career that demands you not to have any emotions at all. Life can be so unpredictable for new moms but when you throw Postpartum Depression into the mix, it can get somewhat scary. That's why it's important for us as a company to information new and expectant mothers every about the signs and the symptoms of PPD. We believe that knowledge is power and when it comes to know what and how you feel, knowing this information can save lives.

So, why are you always so sad? Your sadness may be a result of chemical imbalance. When you became pregnant, your body produced extra hormones to support the growth and health of your unborn baby. And now that your baby is born, your body must slowly reduce its hormones to a more needed level to only accommodate you. This can cause your emotions to be unstable for a while. It's gets better over time. Here are some signs to look out for if your sadness persist:

Emotional Signs

Postpartum depression can severely affect a woman’s emotional wellbeing. Look for the following emotional signs of postpartum depression in yourself or your loved one:

  • Excessive crying for long periods of time for seemingly no reason

  • Drastic changes in mood that go from calm to irritable frequently

  • Easily angered or irritated

  • Exhibiting intense anxiety, worry and fear that hold her back from performing daily tasks

  • Expressing feelings of shame, guilt or hopelessness

  • Describing feelings of extreme sadness and despair

If you’ve noticed several of the above signs of postpartum depression, then here are some tips for what to do next.

  • Take note of signs

  • Record dates and times

  • Watch for patterns and compulsions

  • Assess her awareness of her own behaviors

  • Take a PPD screening test or quiz

  • Make an appoint with your physician

  • Ask about treatment options including medication and therapies

  • Seek out support from support groups and online forums

Labor Of Love Maternity Solutions works hand and hand with mothers who currently have or have experienced PPD. We offer 24/7 Home Care and Companionship Services that support families with helping to cope and ease the stress of these mothers. One of the major emotions that PPD mothers experience is loneliness. We believe that our Labor Of Love Caregivers help to combat these feelings by offering a listening ear and assisting mothers with time for themselves but caring for mom and baby.

If you wanna learn more about Postpartum Depression, Labor Of Love is hosting an Online Zoom Event talking about the signs and symptoms of PPD. Sign up below by clicking the link https://www.laboroflovematernity.com/events/brave-like-a-mother-learn-to-fight-postpartum-depression-like-a-boss-1

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