Do you want to give birth with confidence, reclaim your pregnancy experience and create a pregnancy journey that you'll love?

Pregnancy  Life Coach

Shakeisha M. Uzor

“I believe that every woman has a right to create their own pregnancy  experience and boldly give birth on their terms."

Even though I’ve built an incredible Maternity Home Care Agency as a mother of three, and a wife, the truth is my teachings have always gone well beyond just birthing, pregnancy , and motherhood.

Whether you watch me on television, hear me on the radio or see me rock a stage, you will quickly realize that my true focus and commitment is – and always has been – to help women to shift your mindset around Pregnancy , reclaim their power as a woman and create a pregnancy experience that is unique and authentically yours.


The Birthing Boldly Process

R e d e f i n i n g 



You are a mother and you are expecting another child but you're not sure if you can do this whole pregnancy thing again

You just discovered that you were pregnant and now you're thinking...WHAT NEXT? 

You have a strong desire to have an untraditional birth experience but you are afraid. You've heard some many bad stories about women whose births went wrong and you don't want that to be you

You've had children in the past but you desire that this birth journey be different. You are ready to make plans for the birth experience of your dreams.

You are heard all of the birth stories that went wrong and you are scared that your birth story could be the same. You want to feel confident in your birth journey but you need a little help.

You are fully prepared for your new baby because you have done this before. You are confident of your delivery but you lack a plan for after the baby is born. You want to have a plan for recovery and  you are confident that we can help you with that

You feel like you don't have enough support durning your pregnancy journey and you want to explore your options on ways to create more support.  

You just want to build your boldness and feel confident as you go through your birth journey. You are ready to take the next step and you believe that coaching is right for you.


If any of these are speaking to you, than it's time to experience your pregnancy differently!

Coaching Package Includes

The Birthing Boldly 

(6) 1 Hour Coaching Session w/our Birthing Boldly Process

Free Access To Our Birthing Boldly Tribe

1 Birthing Boldly Pregnancy Planner

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Check List PDF

24/7 Mommy Support From Our Labor Of Love Team

Mommas Who Said "Yes" To Birthing Boldly


She really helped me to get over being afraid of being pregnant and hating the changes that it has on my body and to embrace my new experience as being a joyful time. She also helped me to plan for my birth which was a blessing because I was overwhelmed at the thought of not being ready for my baby boy. I recommend this coaching program to every mother who is pregnant. It is so worth it!

-Samantha Jones

Birthing Boldly Coaching was the best. She empowered me to not fear my birthing journey, but embrace it!


Mommas...Do yourself a favor and get in this coaching program. I had experienced PPD after my first baby and I felt like that would be the same for this pregnancy. My coach helped me to overcome my fear and helped to embrace my pregnancy and all that comes with it. I left our call feeling ready to create the birth experience that was right for me. 

-Jamie Vango

This coaching session was exactly what I needed. 

Are you ready to Birth Boldly Momma?

We are here to assist you 24/7 with any questions the you might have.

Birthing Boldly Coaching 
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